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About Veridian

If you’re looking for your average, run-of-the-mill printer, we’re not that. At Veridian signs and printing, we are exceptional printers, talented designers and creative managers of multi-channel projects. 

Our entire team contributes to world-class service that carries our customers from concept to delivery flawlessly. That’s just not normal – unless you work with us.

We’re SO not Normal 

Our Services

In Pursuit of Perfection 

Good is not good enough – your projects deserve the best. The best people, the best production quality and the best options to reach your audience. At Veridian we deliver using state of the art technology for digital inkjet and photographic printing, binding, and integrated, multi-channel marketing services. 

Our exceptionally helpful staff and multiple, flexible production platforms ensure that you always get the solution that best fits your needs.

Business Printing

At Veridian, we understand the demands of running a business.  That’s why we take care of all your business printing needs. From simple forms to complex wrap around books, we can handle it all. Let us print your new business cards, flyers or brochures. Let us take care of your business printing so you can get back to business.

Other Services

Veridian is a printing company that takes your favorite images and turns them into canvas prints, acrylic prints or framed prints. Numberplates? Off course we do them! We offer legal car and motorcycle number plates as well as customized number plates. We also make custom plates for weddings and matric balls.

Digital Branding

Digital branding is a brand management technique that uses a combination of internet branding and digital marketing to develop a brand over a range of digital venues, including Internet-based relationships or media content. Veridian offers top-notch websites and digital branding solutions.

Signs & Banners

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign – and we’re here to help with your next sign.  Need to get a point across, a sign can do just that. Full color, black and white, large, small, indoor, outdoor, single sided, double sided – we’ve got it all. Whether business or social, we can create a sign to meet your every need.

Workwear & Promo Gifts

Veridian offers industry leading brands to the promotional, corporate and uniform market throughout Southern Africa. Dealing only through select distributors, Veridian is a trade-only supplier and is a 1 stop shop for all your apparel needs covering all categories and industries.


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Variable data has gone beyond just the mailing address. It has moved into one to one communication using many channels. We understand the changing world and have omnichannel services in digital media solutions. We produce Animation and Personalized Websites & Storefronts as well.

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Veridian Signs & Printing

3 days 32 minutes ago

Brits Poles signage. www.vspb.co.za #TeamVeridian

Veridian Signs & Printing

5 days 15 minutes ago

Another Nissan Vehicle branded. Can't stop the feeling! www.vspb.co.za #TeamVeridian

Veridian Signs & Printing

6 days 34 minutes ago

Email us at artwork4@vspb.co.za to order yours.

Veridian Signs & Printing

1 week 2 days ago


Contact us today at artwork4@vspb.co.za or 082 755 0464 for a competitive website design quotation. Our websites are professional, clean and state the purpose of its existence clearly by focusing on your products or services available to your target audience. www.vspb.co.za

Veridian Signs & Printing

1 week 2 days ago

We're approaching the end of summer and we at Veridian know, that you will need something to warm the mood this winter. Therefor we are offering the following special for a limited time only.

Follow the link below to see what we have to offer you.

Veridian Signs & Printing

1 week 2 days ago

I'm calling my next son Gotham. Tomorrow night when the babies crying, my wife will tell me that Gotham needs me! DTG shirt printing by Veridian! Printing needs us! www.vspb.co.za #TeamVeridian

Veridian Signs & Printing

1 week 4 days ago

Laerskool Brits Netbal Banners. Nog n "doel" vir Veridian. www.vspb.co.za #TeamVeridian

Veridian Signs & Printing

1 week 4 days ago

Horne's Nest Contra-vision. About the only thing not transparent about our service, is our contra-vision. www.vspb.co.za #TeamVeridian

Veridian Signs & Printing

1 week 4 days ago

Brazen Motors Chromadek. Well make, move or make anything move at Veridian. ('',) www.vspb.co.za #TeamVeridian

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